Far away from the last vestige of what could be called civilized a massive town, capital to a now dead empire, rests within the shadow of the corpse of The Dead God. As the sun rises its brilliant rays illuminate the town bringing light to the darkest shadows, illuminating the lives of the city’s citizens. The day has become a race to finish one’s daily activities before the sun begins to set behind the massive mountain and plunge the city once more into shadow. High on the mountain face rests Shadowmourne Keep, the reason for the city’s existance, nestled safely from the city’s dark streets the nobles play thier own game using the citizens as pawns. To the east the College rises high above the city on a massive promontory where the river Thyami splits. The College is home to all the brightest minds who have tapped the vast arcane reserves of the world. Thanks to them the streets are illuminated, however dimly, during the long nights. To the north and south the competing churchs’ hoist massive globes of light and claim to be humanity’s sole savior in the unendingdark. To the average citizen life is earned in the day and defended during the long dark nights.

The Wraith have long ruled the shadows of the city’s shadows since the Night of Daggers. The Keepers of Light fight to keep the Wraith at bay but even they cannot keep the all consuming darkness from falling. The churches continue to preach of the Land of Everlasting Day where there is no darkness or Wraith and memberships seems to grow higher every day.

The City Lords continue to squabble over land for taxation and personal gain and play their game of control from high within the keep’s protective walls. The Brethren spread the belief that the City Lords themselves unleashed the Wraith onto Shadowmourne and organize resistance to their oppressive rule. The massive city guard has so far kept the Brethren from doing any true harm to the city or City Lords though the number of Brethren increase every day and it is only a matter of time before they are trained, armed, and numerous enough to pose a threat to the city guard.

Shadowmourne Saga